I love to make Pancakes


                                                              I love to throw Frisbees

 I love to swim in slow moving rivers



 I love to lay on the grass and have conversations with my eyes closed



I love to smell the soft breath

of my horses when I give

kisses goodbye


                                                              I love to meet strangers in places

                                                              I’ve never been


I love to give rides to

Mexican women walking up

this bitch of a hill on

their  way to work


                                                              I love to yell in places

                                                               where you aren’t

                                                               supposed to


I love to have giggle fits till

I cry


                                                              I love to lay in clean

                                                              Sheets fresh from the



I love to watch my kid

dance when she doesn’t know

I am looking



I  I love to shoot fireworks

Out of moving cars


I love afternoon naps


                                               I love jumping off and climbing

                                                Over things


I love to pee out side


                                               I love sneaking in


I love to gallop up

I love sneaking out


                                               I love the smell of wet cement


I love to sleep in

Cashmere sweaters


                                               I love to sleep nude with

                                               My back against someone



Good night

                                               Good night

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