Drumming Up Fitness


Pound Fit (poundfit.com) is the rock ’n’ roll exercise brainchild of self-proclaimed fitness rebels Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom, recreational drummers who discovered that squatting over their drum kits rather than sitting while playing ignites all muscle groups and burns calories,

making for a great workout. Participants in Pound Fit classes mimic that activity to music with core-strength exercises, cardio work, and floor drumming using weighted drumsticks.


At Ojai Valley Athletic Club (ovac.caclubs.com), fitness instructor Maria David teaches two of the classes weekly. “I’m interested in new fitness formats that strengthen while being playful,” she says. “Anyone can do Pound Fit, if you pay attention to your limitations and modify [accordingly]. No matter your level, you certainly will have fun.”


—Amelia Fleetwood

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